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3 Awesome Projects on Australian Actress Erin Connor’s Filmography

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

As an Australian actress, Erin Connor has had one very colourful career. She has, as actors say, “lent her body” to many different characters who each had their own unique stories to tell. On every acting job she does, each of her characters represents a different kind of woman in society – each one may be different in background, experience, or personality, but all are equally as deep and complex as they are beautiful. 

Projects on Australian Actress Erin Connor
Australian Actress Erin Connor’s Filmography

Similarly, each of the projects she has taken on expresses its own rich take on the human experience. Filmmaking is the art form that can capture life in the most accurate way possible; the camera’s role is to be a diligent observer, allowing audiences to follow its lead. Of the many projects Australian actress Erin Connor has been a part of, here are three that stand out.

Occupation (2018, dir. Luke Sparke)

In Occupation, we see a group of civilians whose lives are forever changed when an alien invasion occurs during what is supposed to be just a football game in a small country town. These civilians form a resistance against the invaders, essentially leading the fight for the survival of the planet and the entire human race.

Although Occupation is a sci-fi film, at its core, it is about human relationships. At first glance, it may seem like a film about aliens. But really, it is a film about humans. It is about how humans react when under pressure, when every move one makes is a decision between life and death. It shows what humans truly value. More than food, water, shelter, guns and ammunition, or whatever else, it is relationships -- love and support from fellow humans -- that pulls one along on the road to survival. Occupation offers more than the spectacle that comes with the genre: all the losses and wins in between are what make it an excellent drama beneath all its sci-fi glory.

In the film, Australian actress Erin Connor plays Jenny Bartlett, a wife and mother whose enduring female power pushes her and those around her to push back against the enemy. In the film, she works alongside other brilliant Australian actresses – all playing strong female characters. Beyond the success of the movie itself, Occupation was also a big win for the women in Australian cinema. The women in the film are exactly the type of women one would want their daughter to emulate – an empowerment move Erin was so glad to be a part of. 

Beast No More (2018, dir. Aaron Warwick)

In Beast No More, the story follows Mary Jane, a biologist who is dealing with grief from having lost her son. She flees to a far, isolated Australian bush. There, she finds herself confronting strange phenomena. She believes that she is being stalked, and she thinks that it is her dead son trying to talk to her (it isn’t, of course, but some strange creature.) Later, she is given the opportunity to become a mother again, but she would have to pay a hefty price. 

In the film, Erin Connor plays Blanch, the villain in the film. In an interview with Cinema Australia, Erin expresses her thoughts about the film and her character. When asked about Blanch, Erin describes her to be “evil, strong, and ruthless, but carries a deep history of pain, abuse, and regret.” 

As an Australian actress, no acting job thrills Erin more than to be able to play a character who is layered. Blanch may be the villain in the film, but her villainhood is a result of a troubled past (and present.) Blanch is the strongest character in the film, and Erin’s performance only further brings out the tension that the character’s story itself already holds. 

More than being a monster film, Beast No More is an excellent exploration of themes such as motherhood, womanhood, grief, and ultimately, recovery. Again, with women at the center of the plot, Beast No More is another project that’s a win for Australian actresses and for women in Australia in general. 

Beast No More won Best Film at Monster Fest 2019 and Best Australian Film at Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival 2019.


The Veiled (2016, dir. Glenn Fraser)

The Veiled is a short film that follows the story of Cassandra Andreadis, a professional photographer whose secret weighs on her constantly: a ghost has been haunting her for her entire life. Later, she goes to the place where her story began, and there the fog lifts: she witnesses firsthand the unspeakable horror that is sex trafficking. She decides to do right by the women she meets, and she uncovers the secrets -- the ghosts -- that have haunted other women. In this short film, Erin plays the role of Valeria.

The Veiled received much praise, earning the Award of Merit at the 2017 Accolade Global Film Competition and becoming an official selection at the 2016 World Film Festival, 2017 Real Film Festival, 2017 First Glance Film Festival, and 2017 AACTA Social Shorts. 

Not only was playing Valeria a thrill for Erin creatively, it also made her happy to be contributing to the delicate storytelling process that happens with deep and complex themes like the one in The Veiled. Exposing a global problem through the art of filmmaking is incredibly important for any filmmaker, producer, or actress in Australia. To be a part of a project like this was truly an honour for Erin.

Erin Connor: the Australian Actress to look out for

As more and more rich and multidimensional female characters are being written for Australian films, there’s no better time for a job in acting than today. You will see more of Erin Connor in the theaters real soon.  Her upcoming films Occupation: Rainfall, Space/Time, and Malibu Crush are sure to win your hearts this year! 

Have a project underway and want to bring Erin along for the ride? Whether you need her as an actress, presenter, or voice over talent from Australia, you will love taking on any creative endeavour with this brilliant Australian actress. Get in touch with Erin today. Leave her a message via the Erin Connor website’s online enquiry form.

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