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Erin Connor

Erin Connor Australian Actress  

Raised on a tropical fruit farm near Byron Bay, Australian Actress Erin Connor possesses talents that are very much fruits of her own hardwork and energy as well. Erin Connor has enjoyed a colourful career in acting, presenting, and voice over.  


Erin is best known as an Australian actress. She has appeared on many projects of different types, feature-length films, short films, commercials, and more. Her most recent work is seen in the film Occupation (2018, dir. Luke Spark), a sci-fi drama film that depicts a small group of residents struggling to survive an alien invasion. In the film, she plays the role of Jenny Bartlett, a wife and mother who's just made of sheer strength and bravery. Erin loves playing a strong woman character, as she strongly believes that having more strong-women characters on Australian cinema is essential for building an empowered female audience. You will see more of her as Jenny Bartlett in the upcoming sequel, Occupation: Rainfall, scheduled to come out in 2020. 


She is also known for her work as Jessica in The Suicide Theory (2014, dir. Dru Brown), as Julie Nile in Rise (2014, dir. Mack Lindon), as Blanch in Beast No More (2019, dir. Aaron Warwick). She’s starred in short films as well: as Valeria in The Veiled (2016, dir. Glenn Fraser), and as Agent in Superman Meets Batman (2016, dir. Kacey Baker). These are only select examples out of her long list of Australian actress credits.  


And that list is only growing! Aside from Occupation: Rainfall, you will also soon catch her in the short film Malevolence and the features Space/Time and Malibu Crush, all coming soon. 


To view Erin’s showreel, visit the Acting section of this website. You will also find a link to her IMDb page on the top-left corner of this page.


A true lover of film as an Australian actress, Erin Connor takes on producer roles as well. Her most recent work as associate producer is in a film she also stars in, a horror-thriller called Beast No More. She’s also served as an associate producer in the short films Factory Hands (2016, dir. Aaron Warwick) and Limbo (dir. Aaron Warwick.) She stars in both films as well. 

Australian Actress


As a presenter, Erin Connor’s energetic and cheerful nature is simply contagious. She has covered a bunch of different topics and events: from property, to events, and more. Check out her full reel at the Presenting section of this website.

Voice Over

Voice over is one of Erin Connor’s true joys, and it shows in her versatility as a voice over artist. Erin’s feminine yet deep and sultry voice is just perfect for radio, television, and animated film. Her styles include (but are not limited to) retail, corporate, sexy, friendly, and more. More than being an expert in different voice over styles, she can do different accents as well: Australian, Standard American, English, German, Russian, and South African. Erin has her own studio for voice over projects. Listen to her Voice Over reel at the Voice Over section. Catch the 2020 short film Fabian Sing where Erin voices a Residential Intelligence Systems Interface. 

Work With Erin Connor 

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