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Voice over talent Australia

Erin is extremely versatile and in demand for voice overs world wide. Her styles include: Retail, Corporate, Sexy, Friendly Retail among others. She voices for radio and television advertising. Also, Erin voices for On Hold, Web,  A.I (artificial intelligence), and Animation Voices for Film and Television.


Age range: 27-50.


Accents: Australian, Standard American, U​K, German, Russian, South African.


Erin has her own studio. 

Feel free to get in contact.

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Friendly Retail
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Hard Sell
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On Hold
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VO Reel - Erin Connor
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British Accent
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GNFM audio
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Podcast Voice Overs
Maya The Bee - Movie Audition Character Voices
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Awards+Conference Voice Over 
XLFM RADIO -  Branding Voice Over
Voicing for Gardner Vaughan Group
Mazda - Voice over 
Dino King - Character Voices
Manicare - Voice over 
Voicing for Estilo Development
Commercial Voice Over for Doctors Health Fund

Voice Over Talent Australia 

Erin Connor as Voice Over Talent in Australia

Being a voice over talent in Australia is not just one of Erin Connor’s many talents. It is also one of her great joys. She genuinely enjoys lending her voice to adverts of any kind of industry, and she loves playing a character on animated films. Erin is extremely versatile and approaches every voice over or acting job with much enthusiasm.

Voice by Erin Connor: Loved in Australia and Worldwide

While she is one of the leading voice over talentS in Australia, she is also in demand for voice over work worldwide. Not only is her natural Australian accent popular across the globe, it is also her ability to do different accents that amazes her clients in Australia and abroad. She can also do Standard American, English, German, Russian, and South African accents. Her intensive training in voice, speech, and accents as well as her sheer dedication for her job are really the main keys to her success as a voice over talent in Australia. 

Voice Over Styles

Her styles include retail, corporate, sexy, friendly retail, among others. She voices for radio and television advertising on the regular. Also, Erin voices for On Hold, Web, A.I. (artificial intelligence), and Animation Voices for Film and Television. Her voice over age range is 27 to 50. Feel free to check out her voice over reels found on this page.

Why Erin? 

Erin’s edge as a voice talent in Australia is how colourful her career as a creative is. She is most well-known as an actress. She has appeared in many different Australian feature and short films, and there is even more work for her on the horizon. Her acting training is what makes her voice over work so engaging, because even though you only hear her voice, you know that she brings out a character in the energy and the mood of her speaking lines. Her acting training is also very much useful when she voices for animated films – her voice truly provides dimension for her characters.  


More than that, Erin’s experience as a presenter also equips her with the necessary tools to be a great voice over artist. As one of the Australian TV presenters, the clarity in her speech is essential for drawing audiences in. This is why working as voice over talent in Australia simply comes naturally to her.  


Erin has had holistic training and experience in many different creative endeavours – acting, presenting, and voice over – and each of these three skills inform and complement the others. This is what makes Erin such a joy to work with: she’s a true industry professional. On top of that, her passion alone is definitely worth equal praise.

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Work With Erin Connor Today  

Need a female voice for your next project? Whether it’s an advert or a film, work only with one of the best voice over talent in Australia, Erin Connor.  


Erin Connor has her own personal recording studio dedicated for voice over. Feel free to get in touch with Erin today. Visit the Contact section of this website to leave her a message.

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