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Australian tv presenters

Erin Connor as Australian TV and Documentary Presenter

Belonging to the roster of magnetic Australian TV presenters, Erin Connor brings her natural charm, wit, and elegance into the way she presents. Whether she is describing a beautiful house in vivid detail, interviewing interesting subjects, or experiencing new and exciting activities for the camera to capture, audiences always find themselves drawn to this Aussie beauty. For those looking for TV or documentary presenters to join them in their next project, Erin Connor would be thrilled to contribute to your overall success with her presenting skills.

What makes Erin Connor stand out as a presenter?



More than anything, it’s Erin’s confidence that allows her to perform well as one of the most engaging Australian TV presenters. Her confidence shows in the way she moves with the camera, interacts with the set, or interviews people at events. One can simply tell that she is comfortable doing what she does, like the camera to her is just one of her good friends whom she enjoys telling stories to. Because of this, her presenting style is so natural, even calming, and audiences always feel a little bit brighter inside after watching her present.  




Reaping the many benefits of good voice and speech training, Erin’s presenting style is founded on clarity. She knows just how much valuable information she is responsible for sharing when she presents, and so she always makes sure to talk in a pace that’s easy to follow. Being a talented voice over talent as well, she knows to modulate her voice and articulate her words such that every sentence comes across clear as day, a skill that is essential for documentary presenters. Regardless if the background is calm and serene or loud and wild, you will never miss a beat with a presenter like Erin Connor.  


Energy and Versatility 


Erin’s bright and light energy is simply contagious, which is definitely obvious in all her presenting work. As Australian TV presenters know, much of the success of a project depends on the type of energy a presenter brings to the set and in front of the camera.  


The presenter sets the tone: if it’s a coverage for an event or a celebration, the presenter maintains the excitement throughout the entire episode so audiences can participate in that celebration despite not actually being there. Or if it’s about compelling stories that deserve attention and discussion, documentary presenters know to keep the tone serious in order to provoke thought. Erin is well-versed in many different presenting styles and can definitely work on any type of project. 




Erin’s long list of credits is diverse: she’s an actress, a presenter, a voice over talent, a producer, and a model. She takes what she learns from all these different projects, which allows her to consistently bring her best foot forward in all the projects she takes on. A true professional in the creative industry, Erin is definitely excited to appear on screen not just as an actress but also as one of the most dynamic TV and documentary presenters. 

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Work with one of the best Australian TV presenters today, Erin Connor

Australian TV presenters or documentary presenters are called to be engaging storytellers. Everything Erin does – from acting job to presenting to voice over – is storytelling, essentially, and she can’t wait to do more!  


Get in touch with Erin Connor today. Leave a message via this website’s online enquiry form. 

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