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Erin Connor Acting Showreel Job

As an actress, Erin Connor’s versatility is what makes her stand out, when she is given an acting job, she gives her characters a deep, multidimensional, and most of all, incredibly strong personality. Her aim as an artist is to make sure strong female characters find themselves on screen more often than before.  


View her acting showreel on this page. These videos show her full acting chops: dramatic dialogue, emotional range, physical presence and tension, comedic or dramatic timing, and more.  


Above, you’ll find brief descriptions of projects that Erin took on, a few clips of which are included in her acting showreel.  

Showreel Acting


When it comes to an acting job in drama, Erins’s projects in drama films and short films only show her expertise as an Australian actress in the genre. Her work in drama includes her roles as: 


Julie Nile in the 2014 film Rise (dir. Mack Lindon), a story that follows a young nurse falsely accused of rape and struggling to prove his innocence. 


Jessica in the 2014 film The Suicide Theory (dir. Dru Brown), an award-winning film that depicts a suicidal man who hires a hit man to kill him.  


Valeria in the 2016 short film The Veiled (dir. Glenn Fraser), a narrative that shows the horrors of human sex trafficking and the effort it takes to fight against it. 


On this page, you can view more of her performances in her showreel acting out sample scripts and scenes.


A sci-fi project is always a welcome acting job for Erin. Her best known work in sci-fi is in the 2018 film Occupation (dir. Luke Spark), a story that follows a group of Australian residents banding together to push back against an alien invasion. In the film, she plays Jenny Bartlett, a fierce wife and mother whose strong heart shines through in all of her scenes. In Occupation, audiences truly get a good picture of Erin’s versatility: she’s warm and charming in the first few scenes, and as the turning point comes along, her character develops into this fierce, brave woman. 


The Australian audience will see more of Erin as Jenny Bartlett in the sequel Occupation: Rainfall, set to come out in 2020.

TV Ad- Stocklands, featuring Erin Connor

As seen on MTV Erin Connor stars in Airwolf’s latest release ‘Everything You Do’ 


Erin’s most recent acting job in a horror-thriller flick is in a 2019 film called Beast No More (dir. Aaron Warwick), for which she also serves as associate producer. The film follows the story of a young biologist who finds herself in an isolated and surreal landscape where she experiences nightmarish happenings. In the film, we see a bloodied, strange-looking version of Erin as Blanch.


Erin has got a soft spot for comedy as well. She appears as Angela Sturm in the comedy series Please Rewind, a series about staff at a video store struggling to make business work in the age of the internet. You’ll also find a generous helping of Erin’s performances in comedies in her comedy acting showreel.

Acting Job

Work with Erin Connor

Erin pours her whole heart and soul into every acting job she takes on. If you loved this acting showreel, let her know by leaving a message via this website’s enquiry form.

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